We're Here to Help

Here at Iced Cocoa, we want you to have the most enjoyable experience possible. We're not perfect, but we think we're pretty darn good. Every once an a while something can slip through our fingers. Before reporting a problem, we recommend trying the following steps.

1) Re-install and Restart

Restarting your iPhone or iPod Touch can often resolve problems. Be sure to try this first. If you continue to experience problems, we recommend removing, and re-downloading the affected application. You can do this for free, but keep in mind you will lose all data in that application if you do not backup in iTunes first.

2) Keep Up To Date

Software updates can often provide bug fixes. Many of our applications require the newest iPhone operating system, so keep up to date. Connect your device with iTunes and make sure you have the latest version installed. Also, be sure to check the requirements for each of our apps on their product page.

3) Download Extra Software

A few of our applications require extra software for your Mac or PC in order for your computer to communicate with your iPhone or iPod Touch. View each application's product page to see if it requires extra software. Without it, the application may not be able to run properly.

4) Watch Tutorial Videos

Each of our applications have a few tutorials to help you get started. Check out the bottom of the application's product page to view all tutorials for that applicaion.

Still Need Help?