Putting Your Mac to Sleep With Keymote [Updated]

Sep 12, 2009 by Kevin under Keymote, Tips

We know that many of you are a little disappointed that there is no eject key in Keymote. We had it in version 1.0, but we soon realized that it didn’t work properly, so we decided to temporarily remove it in the latest update (v1.0.1).

So what if you want to put your Mac to sleep with Keymote? Can’t be done without using the eject key, right? That’s not entirely true. Until we get it working in Keymote, here’s a workaround:

Open up the Keyboard pane in System Preferences. When it comes up, click Application Shortcuts in the sidebar and click the plus button under it. Set ‘Application’ to ‘All Applications,’ type the word Sleep in the ‘Menu Title’ box, then click the ‘Keyboard Shortcut’ box and enter the command you want to use. After clicking ‘Add,’ you’ll notice that the shortcut for Sleep in the Apple menu has changed to the shortcut you set. Now all you have to do is add a key in Keymote that corresponds to it, and you’re good to go.

(This is based on Snow Leopard’s Keyboard preference pane. Leopard’s Keyboard preference pane is a bit different, but you can do the exact same thing.)

UPDATE: When you set the shortcut, you need to make sure it’s a shortcut that nothing else is using. I use, and suggest using, Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+S.


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  1. Mark

    You can do pretty much EVERYTHING if you combine Keymote with freeware Spark (get it at MacUpdate) and Automator/Applescript. Spark allows you to create custom, system wide shortcuts. Works perfectly for me, can do pretty much everything I can come up with with this setup.

  2. R D

    Not a bad idea.

  3. Boback

    I tried this in Snow Leopard, and it didn’t change the sleep short cut, or work.

  4. Rich

    Yay! Now I can be lazy and put my computer to sleep without having to get out of bed. Thanks for the workaround!

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