Using Keymote Without WiFi

Oct 02, 2009 by Kevin under Keymote, News, Tips

Have you ever wanted to use Keymote in an area without wireless internet? Until now, that hasn’t been completely possible; however, with the introduction of Keymote 1.0.2 and Keymote Receiver 1.0.6, you can do just that. What you’ll be doing is setting up what’s called an Ad-Hoc network.

Ready? Here we go.

On your Mac, click the WiFi symbol in the menubar. You should see a line that says Create Network. Click it. Enter the name you want, set the channel (whatever the automatic channel is will usually work best), and require a password if you so choose. Click OK and you’re done. What you’ve done, essentially, is turned your computer into an Airport station, sending out a wireless signal that your iPod or iPhone can connect to.


On your iPod/iPhone, open up the WiFi settings. You should see the network you’ve just set up. Connect to it, wait for the WiFi symbol to show up in the device’s status bar, and open Keymote. When you go to pair with your computer, it should show up and you’ll be good to go. If it’s not, you may have to use a direct IP connection. If you click on Keymote Receiver in your Mac’s menubar, it will tell you what your IP address is and what port to use. Simply enter this info into Keymote to set up an IP connection.

A note: unless you have an Ethernet cable plugged into your computer and have Web Sharing turned on and configured, you will not have access to the internet on either your computer or iPod/iPhone.

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Keymote 1.0.2 Released

Sep 30, 2009 by Louis under Keymote, News

Keymote 1.0.2 has been approved and released in the App Store. It includes the following fixes.

  • Added Ad-Hoc connection support.
  • Brand new icon.
  • Forward Delete key now appears as symbol, not text.
  • Minor user interface tweaks.
  • Fixes other minor bugs.

If this update solves a problem you’ve been having, we encourage you to comment here and leave a positive review on the App Store. More fixes and features are coming soon including colored keys, support for more keys, and more. Enjoy Keymote!

Download Keymote on the iPhone App Store

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Putting Your Mac to Sleep With Keymote [Updated]

Sep 12, 2009 by Kevin under Keymote, Tips

We know that many of you are a little disappointed that there is no eject key in Keymote. We had it in version 1.0, but we soon realized that it didn’t work properly, so we decided to temporarily remove it in the latest update (v1.0.1).

So what if you want to put your Mac to sleep with Keymote? Can’t be done without using the eject key, right? That’s not entirely true. Until we get it working in Keymote, here’s a workaround:

Open up the Keyboard pane in System Preferences. When it comes up, click Application Shortcuts in the sidebar and click the plus button under it. Set ‘Application’ to ‘All Applications,’ type the word Sleep in the ‘Menu Title’ box, then click the ‘Keyboard Shortcut’ box and enter the command you want to use. After clicking ‘Add,’ you’ll notice that the shortcut for Sleep in the Apple menu has changed to the shortcut you set. Now all you have to do is add a key in Keymote that corresponds to it, and you’re good to go.

(This is based on Snow Leopard’s Keyboard preference pane. Leopard’s Keyboard preference pane is a bit different, but you can do the exact same thing.)

UPDATE: When you set the shortcut, you need to make sure it’s a shortcut that nothing else is using. I use, and suggest using, Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+S.

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Hang Tight, Keymote is Coming Back!

Sep 06, 2009 by Kevin under Keymote, News

The trademark issue that Keymote was involved in has been peacefully resolved and Keymote will be returning to the App Store soon under the same name. Keymote is in Apple’s hands now and is just a matter of time. We’d like to thank you for your continued support and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

UPDATE:  Keymote is now back for sale on the App Store.

We’re very sorry for all of the confusion and frustration. The issue was between Manas Tungare’s free web application that controls Keynote (the presentation software) and our application having the same name. We first received an email from Manas explaining the issue. We then replied, but never heard back from him. Manas then told Apple about the issue because of the lack of reply from us. Apple then warned us about the issue, but proceeded to take the Application off the store before we could reply back.

As it turns out, Manas did reply, but for some reason the email was not received at our end. After a lot of talking we have settled an agreement. The Keymote product page now has a link to Manas’ application to avoid confusion.

Now that Keymote is back in the store, we’re back to work. We’ve heard about the network problems and crashes some of you have been experiencing and we’re working hard to fix them. We’ve also got some great features planned for feature versions of Keymote including many of the ones you keep asking about. Keymote will only be going uphill from here.

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Keymote Removed from the App Store

Sep 04, 2009 by Joe under Keymote, News

We are sorry to inform you that Keymote has been removed from the App Store indefinitely because of Trademark issues. We have no doubt it will come back on the store, and we hope it is solved quickly. This also means that those who haven’t updated to 1.0.1 yet won’t be able to until this is all solved. Again, we are very sorry about this, and will do our best to make this go by quickly.

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