Keymote Removed from the App Store

Sep 04, 2009 by Joe under Keymote, News

We are sorry to inform you that Keymote has been removed from the App Store indefinitely because of Trademark issues. We have no doubt it will come back on the store, and we hope it is solved quickly. This also means that those who haven’t updated to 1.0.1 yet won’t be able to until this is all solved. Again, we are very sorry about this, and will do our best to make this go by quickly.


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  1. raj

    that’s awful! hope it comes back, I’m glad I still have it!

  2. James

    Who’s trademark???

  3. @tiaanwillemse

    This really sux! I can’t believe that. Keymote is awesome! Thanks for all your hard work in getting this out. Will the store still work. I assume that has nothing to do with the app store.

  4. Xln

    That’s a shame… I’m receiving my iPhone next week and I was really looking forward to using Keymote.

    I hope it comes back fast!

  5. Man, this sucks. Did they specify what the issue was or did they just leave you to guess?

  6. Jonathan George

    What was the trademark issue?

  7. Louis

    @tiaanwillemse: The Keymote Store will continue to work even while Keymote is off the App Store.

  8. Jonatan

    Sorry to hear this guys…

    You’ve done a really nice product and I hope to see keymote back to the app store very soon.

  9. George

    Also curious what the trademark issue was.

  10. Daniel

    Keymote, Keynote, …

    Just a guess…

  11. Jonah Grant

    That’s really too bad. Sorry to hear that.

  12. Condawg

    Tweet from Louis:
    Keymote will be back soon guys :)

  13. David Jack Wange Olrik

    My guess is the Wiimote, even though that name is the unofficial version of Wii remote.

    Hope it gets resolved soon!

  14. Joe Jacobs

    That’s upsetting. Hopefully whatever it is gets worked out so I and many other interested customers can get our hands on Keymote.

  15. Mikeman118

    I bet it has something to do with this: Especially since the main Keymote page has a link for people who want this.

  16. Sid

    if the name of your app is the trademark issue, CHANGE THE NAME. We don’t care what the name of the app is; the functionality of this app is just too useful.

    change the name (if that’s the issue), and let’s keep going. I’ve recommended your app to everyone with an iPhone.

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