Keymote 1.0.1 Released

Sep 03, 2009 by Louis under Keymote, News

Keymote 1.0.1 has been approved and released in the App Store. It includes the following fixes.

  • Fixed an issue where Search and Alphabetical sections of the Keymote Store would not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue where pairing with multiple computers would lose connection with the Keymote Receiver.
  • Added more function keys (with a total of 21).
  • Redesigned the pairing screen with a new icon.
  • Added new keys you can use in your keysets including the Forward Delete and Enter keys.
  • Fewer crashes.
  • Minor user interface tweaks.
  • Fixes other minor network issues.

If this update solves a problem you’ve been having, we encourage you to comment here and leave a positive review on the App Store. More fixes and features are coming in 1.0.2 . Enjoy Keymote!

Download Keymote on the iPhone App Store


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  1. JJ

    Can’t seem to find this in the app store and iTunes keeps saying “not available in the US store” when I click on the link…

  2. Jonathan Millsted

    Where has keymote gone from the UK Store please as I would rather like to update?

  3. Thomas Cloer

    Keymote has mysteriously disappeared from the App Store, at least from the German one. No app, no update, nothing. How come?

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