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Aug 03, 2009 by Joe under News

Logo Curtain


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  1. Andrew Deibel

    Lovely website, well done Louis Harboe. I can’t wait for Keymote to be on the AppStore, looks very useful.

  2. Eugene Gordin

    Congratulations on the new website! Looks beautiful! Can’t wait to try KeyMote!

  3. Arron Hirst

    Loving the site design guys. Congrats on the submission.

    Cannot wait for it to hit. In my opinion, it’s going to blow the store wide open. :)

  4. Condawg

    Wow, loving the site guys!
    Can’t wait to see this application in the app store. Incredibly psyched to get my hands on the final version (and watch the “Store” feature explode)!

  5. Tim

    Yeah, sweet site. Gonna get KeyMote as soon as I can. I love the idea of a built in store in the app.

    Great work!

  6. CocoaLab

    C’mon Apple! Hurry up and approve Keymote already!

  7. Carl

    Looks awesome. What I really want though is NOT a remote, but an actual Keynote clone that will run on my iPhone. Then I would not have to take the laptop. Now that would be truly awesome!

  8. Rich

    tick… tick… wow 10 days later and still not available. Any status from Apple? Did they reject it for some reason and it’s being updated?


  9. joyer

    I understand that Keymote is mainly for the ease use of short cut key combinations. If I just want to use the app as a normal keyboard so that it could remotely work with any applications on my Mac. Also I want to do Chinese, Korean hand writing from my iphone key bad and send them directly to my applications on Mac. Can Keymote do that? Thanks

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